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All Surrey’s departments underspending and meeting savings targets

All Surrey County Council’s departments are underspending while also meeting or beating savings targets, new figures reveal.

Latest data shows the council’s directorates are on course to spend £3.9 million less than planned in this financial year.

This is on top of the £59m of savings they are already on their way to achieving in the same period.

The county council expects it will have to reduce its annual budget by more than £200m in the five years to 2017.

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge said: “Ensuring we provide value for money is at the heart of every decision the council makes as we deliver on our commitment to provide local taxpayers with the best and most efficient services possible with less public money.

“The fact that our directorates will underspend by nearly £4m on top of the £59m of savings already found is proof that all our departments are responding extremely well. There will be no let-up in this rigorous monitoring of spending and our Public Value Reviews (PVRs)* will ensure our focus remains firmly on finding better ways to spend public money more effectively.”

The environment and infrastructure department is in line to spend £1.2m less than planned for the year on top of the £8.3m of savings already found. Children, schools and families’ underspend is expected to be £700,000 in addition to the £10m of savings already identified.

The other departments  – including adult social care, customers and communities and change and efficiency – contribute another £2m of underspending between them in addition to more than £40m of savings.


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Notes for editors

* A three-year programme of Public Value Reviews of all the council’s services and functions to ensure they truly provide value for money for was launched nearly two years ago under Mr Hodge. They look at what is done well, what can be done better and where savings can be made.


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