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Surrey on track to save more than £70 million

Surrey County Council is on track to beat its goal of saving up to £70 million this year, figures reveal.

Annual figures are set to show that savings of £66m planned at the start of the 2012/13 financial year will be achieved when it ends next month.

In addition, the council will save another £5m through not replacing staff who leave or retire and not filling vacancies immediately.

The overall savings figure of £71m is equivalent to Surrey’s roads budget for more than two years. Reaching it will drive the council’s savings up to around £200m in three years.

A big chunk of the savings are from working more closely with other councils or organisations and from renegotiating contracts.

Surrey is part of the SE7 group of authorities that was formed to save tens of millions of pounds and improve services and is working in partnership with the county’s boroughs and districts, with staff sharing premises with all the local councils. Harder bargains have been driven by the council with suppliers in areas ranging from IT to social care.

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge said: “Driving harder bargains and working as one team with other organisations have been instrumental in making services more effective while putting us on course to save £71m this financial year.

“A lot has been achieved but we need to do more and our focus now is on finding different and innovative ways of providing better, more efficient services to Surrey’s residents.”


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