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Cyclists and drivers urged to stay safe on the county’s roads this summer

Cyclists and motorists are being urged to take more care around junctions and roundabouts as part of a new cycle safety campaign by Surrey County Council and Surrey Police now underway. Drive SMART*, the road safety initiative led by the county council and police, aims to encourage more people to enjoy the benefits of cycling … Continue reading

Road deaths fall since launch of Drive SMART campaign

The number of deaths on Surrey roads has dropped in the four years since the launch of a high-profile safe driving campaign. Last year, there were 18 deaths on Surrey’s roads compared to 45 in 2008 and 41 in 2009, the year Surrey County Council and Surrey Police launched Drive SMART. The death rate has … Continue reading

Ex-wives and over-zealous bosses among excuses for using a mobile while driving

Calls from ex-wives, over-zealous bosses and child birth are just some of the excuses drivers have given to the police for using a mobile phone behind the wheel. Despite being caught red-handed, many motorists still attempt to talk their way out of trouble. As part of Surrey Police and Surrey County Council’s Drive SMART campaign, … Continue reading

Seatbelt research reveals children are not strapped in

Research has revealed 9% of children travelling in the back of a car are not strapped into a child seat, sparking a road safety warning. The study commissioned by Surrey County Council* also showed white van man is risking life and limb, with 16% of van drivers not buckling up and 31% of their passengers … Continue reading

Tablet tweeting at wheel could lead to jail

With the country going ‘app-solutely’ crazy for tablets, drivers are being warned that using them to tweet at traffic lights and go on Facebook in the fast lane could lead to jail. Apple revealed this week downloads from its store have hit 40 billion while the Angry Birds game was downloaded 30 million times in … Continue reading

Road deaths fall dramatically in economic downturn

The economic downturn has dramatically cut the number of deaths on Britain’s roads, new research suggests. Since Britain went into recession the number of people killed on the roads has fallen by more than a third, from 2,946 in 2007 to 1,901 in 2011. The dramatic drop coincided with a general fall in traffic as … Continue reading

Football fans ‘next day’ drink drive danger

Knocking back four pints of lager while watching the football during Euro 2012 could leave fans over the legal drink drive limit the next day, road safety experts have warned. Many people caught drink driving each year are those who get behind the wheel the following day, not knowing they are still over the limit … Continue reading

Q&A on Olympic road race

USA Olympic cycling road race hopefuls Kristin McGrath and Janel Holcomb talk about the course in Surrey. The pair checked out the Olympic road race route last week (10 April) with Surrey County Council’s Alan Flaherty, who helped event organisers design the course.     Kristin McGrath What have the roads been like? The roads … Continue reading

Have your say on transport revolution

People have been asked for their views on a £16 million plan to revolutionise transport in Surrey. Last year, Surrey County Council submitted a funding bid to government for a series of sustainable transport measures in Guildford, Woking, Redhill and Reigate. The bid called Travel Smart included plans for a new park and ride bus … Continue reading

Nagging wives and toilet dashes among odd speeding excuses

Nagging wives, dodgy fast food and mad dashes for the loo are just some of the weird and wonderful excuses drivers have given to the police for speeding. As part of Surrey Police’s and Surrey County Council’s Drive SMART road safety campaign, traffic cops recalled some of the strange and downright absurd reasons they have … Continue reading

Radio interview: Mother’s plea to speeding drivers

The mother of a teenager killed when a speeding car crashed into a tree has backed the latest Drive SMART campaign urging drivers to slow down. In an interview with presenter Nick Wallis on BBC Surrey, Della Phillips spoke of her daughter’s death and urged motorists to cut their speed. Audio courtesy of BBC Surrey.

Mother’s plea to motorists following daughter’s death

The mother of a teenager killed when a speeding car crashed into a tree has backed the latest Drive SMART campaign urging drivers to slow down. Della Phillips’ 17-year-old daughter Kelly was a passenger in a car travelling at 80mph in a 40mph zone when the driver lost control and hit a tree near Guildford. … Continue reading

Safety call for motorists and horse riders as clocks go back

Motorists are being urged to take care passing horse riders in Surrey as the nights draw in. With the clocks going back at the weekend (30 October), horse riders are also being asked to wear high visibility clothing to give drivers more time to see them properly. The call is being made by Surrey County … Continue reading

Road deaths fall in Surrey

Road deaths fall in Surrey The number of people killed on Surrey’s roads has fallen this year, new figures show. Statistics show that road deaths fell from 22 in the first eight months of 2010 to 13 in the same period this year. This follows figures for the whole of 2010 showing that the number … Continue reading

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