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Nearly 570 children will start smoking on World No Tobacco Day

Nearly 570 children in the UK will start smoking during World No Tobacco Day – the annual event to encourage people to quit. Tomorrow’s 567 new young smokers* will add to the estimated 138,000 regular smokers across the country aged 11 to 15. In Surrey alone, around 4,200 young people aged 11 to 15 smoke … Continue reading

Nearly 16,000 children will start smoking during Stoptober

Almost 16,000 children under 16 will start smoking during the Stoptober campaign to get people to kick the habit. Around 567 children aged 11 to 15 take up cigarettes each day in the UK, meaning more than 15,800 young people will start during the 28-day challenge. Now, as people trying to kick the habit move … Continue reading


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