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Useful links for journalists

Photos of Surrey County Council Cabinet members can be found on our Flickr site

A list of Surrey County Council Members can be found here.

Find a forthcoming decision
Need to know when a decision is being made? The cabinet forward plan lists all the major decisions the Council will take over the next four months.

Find a recent decision

Need to pick up a story from a previous meeting? Our committee papers page gives you a list of meetings and reports for all committees, listed alphabetically.

What does Surrey County Council do?

Find out more about the council, how it is structured, who does what and how decisions are made.

The county of Surrey has been through quite a few geographical changes since 1889 – see a map of the boundaries of the county of Surrey.

Surrey Matters

See an online version of Surrey Matters, the council’s newsletter for residents.

What’s going on?
Interested in activities around the county? Have a look at our events pages.

If you require facts and figures about the county then our data online page may help.

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