Food waste reduced by 1.1 million tonnes – enough to fill Wembley Stadium

Following an announcement by waste reduction organisation WRAP that household food waste in the UK fell by 1.1 million tonnes over three years, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment Ian Lake said:

“It’s encouraging to see people are throwing out less food which saves money and benefits the environment. However, there is still more to do. An average family wastes £50 a month by binning food that could still be eaten, which is the equivalent of throwing away one in five shopping bags.

“Each year Surrey County Council has to spend £7.6 million of taxpayers money disposing of household food waste. Through our Love Food Surrey campaign we’re working to reduce this by helping people waste less food.

“That includes giving them recipe ideas for leftovers, showing them how they can shop smarter and helping people find out how they can store food for longer.”

Further information

This week WRAP announced at its annual conference that yearly household food waste in the UK fell by 1.1 million tonnes (13%), from 8.3 million tonnes to an estimated 7.2 million tonnes, between 2006/07 to 2010. This food waste would fill Wembley Stadium to the brim.

Avoidable household food waste, which is food that could have been eaten, was reduced by 950,000 tonnes (18%), from 5.3 to 4.4 million tonnes annually.



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