Bolstering buying power and stripping away bureaucracy to save millions

Saving millions of pounds by bolstering buying power and stripping away bureaucracy through pooling resources have been identified as key to improving services and value for money in a new Cabinet report.

They form an essential part of new Surrey County Council leader David Hodge’s one team approach that aims to sweep away barriers to public sector organisations working together to do more for less.

The report highlights that big strides have already been taken in Surrey. The council is working to improve roads as part of the SE7 group of major councils, joining forces with East Sussex to drive downs costs through shared purchasing, working alongside  Hampshire on property initiatives and teaming up with the NHS to give children better support.

Mr Hodge said: “The public sector should be seen as a single team cooperating to save money wherever possible. Sharing services, pooling resources and working in partnership will ensure local taxpayers’ money goes further and residents get the very best services.”


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Notes for editors

Work Surrey is doing with other public services set out in the report includes:

  • Playing a key role in the SE7 group of seven major South East councils formed to drive down costs (point 11 of report).
  • Pressing ahead with the Surrey First partnership of county, borough and district councils together with the Surrey Police Authority to pool resources (point 15).
  • Joining forces with Hampshire County Council on property initiatives (point 23).
  • Working with East Sussex County Council towards sharing purchasing operations (point 25).
  • Linking up with GPs as they prepare to take control of the NHS budget in 2013 (annexe two, point 10).
  • Sharing phone calls from the public with borough councils and the police (annexe two, point 13a).
  • Teaming up with the NHS on mental health services for children and young people (annexe two, point 14a).


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