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Culture Secretary urges councils to follow Surrey’s broadband lead

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged other local authorities to follow Surrey County Council’s lead on superfast broadband.

Peter Martin (second from right) with Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Surrey's assistant chief executive Susie Kemp

The Cabinet Minister said Surrey’s aim of ensuring every business and home has access to superfast broadband in two years would be a “fantastic achievement”.

The Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport said: “Surrey County Council is aiming to get superfast broadband access to everyone in the county.

“This would be a fantastic achievement and they are clearly well ahead of the game in their ambitions for superfast broadband. I hope other councils will follow its lead.”

His comments came after a meeting with the council’s deputy leader Peter Martin to discuss Surrey’s drive to ensure businesses and residents in the county are not left behind in the superfast broadband roll-out.

The county council is months away from selecting a company to provide superfast broadband for up to 20% of Surrey residents and businesses – around 100,000 premises – not included in BT’s current plans to roll out the service nationally.

The national aim is for 90% of the country to have superfast broadband by 2015.

A recent survey conducted by the county council showed that connection speeds in nearly nine out of 10 businesses and homes fall short of the national average of 6.7mbps.

For more information about Surrey’s plans for a high-speed broadband service visit



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