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Council beats £60 million savings target

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge

Surrey County Council will save more than its target of nearly £60 million this year, figures reveal.

Annual figures are expected to show the council has hit the savings target it set out to reach at the start of 2011/12 and saved an additional £4.1m when the financial year ends today.

Saving £63.1m is equivalent to Surrey’s road maintenance budget for nearly two years.

Beating the target will see Surrey’s savings climb to £130 million over the past two years and leave the authority on track to save £330m by 2016.

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge said: “Value for money is at the heart of every decision the council makes.

“By finding ways of doing things more efficiently and working as one team with other councils and organisations, we’re ensuring taxpayers’ money goes further while continuing to provide excellent services to Surrey’s residents.

“A lot has been achieved but more needs to be done as we seek to realise our ambition of becoming the best local authority in the country.

“It means carrying on with our Public Value Reviews* to ensure the best and most efficient services, continuing to find innovative ways to do more for less and working with other public services as one team in Surrey’s best interests.”

In 2011/12, Surrey saved more than £27 million by striking better deals with contractors.

Successes include a new road maintenance and improvement contract with May Gurney which saves £4.1m annually when compared with the previous deal.

A new approach to young people’s services has resulted in savings of £1.8m this year and 25 extra youth workers being recruited.

Surrey is also part of the SE7 group of South East councils working to improve services and cut costs and is pressing ahead with the Surrey First partnership of county, borough and district councils together with the Surrey Police Authority to pool resources.


Notes to editors

* The three-year efficiency programme examines all the council’s services and looks at what is done well, what can be done better and where savings can be made.


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