Puttenham Parish Council to manage Hogs Back community area

Puttenham residents are preparing to take responsibility for the management of an area between the A31Hogs Back and Puttenham Village.

The initiative has been led by Puttenham Parish Council, whose members recognised that this area should be looked after as a local facility, with the surrounding community better placed to respond to local issues than Surrey County Council could do from a distance.

The parish council has been granted a licence by the county council giving it proper authority to manage the site, together with an endowment of £25,000 to help it do so. This is in recognition of the cost of managing the area over the period of the licence.

Richard Griggs, of Puttenham Parish Council, said: “We will now be able to manage this area of land and ensure that the local community can enjoy use of it once again.”

Simon Gimson, County Councillor for Shalford, said: “This is a great example of localism at its best. We are delighted to be handing over the reins to Puttenham Parish Council, aware that their local knowledge and passion for their community will enable them to do a better job of maintaining this location as a community amenity than we could do ourselves. The parish council has all our support and we wish them well.”

The parish council has already received £3,500 from the county council’s local committee in Guildford through its members’ allocation scheme towards a project to re-establish a woodland habitat and encourage wildlife back to the area.


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