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Children’s Minister urges councils to follow Surrey’s lead

Front row, from left: Strategic Director for Children, Schools and Families Nick Wilson, Cabinet Member for Children and Families Mary Angell and Rose Schofield, a member of the Surrey Children in Care Council.
Back row, from left: Surrey leader David Hodge, Children’s Minister Tim Loughton and council apprentice Dan Lee, a former member of the Surrey Children in Care Council.


Minister Tim Loughton has urged other local authorities to follow Surrey County Council’s lead by launching a savings scheme for children in care.

The Children’s Minister described Surrey’s scheme that sees cash young people pay into a savings account doubled by the council as “very innovative”.

County councillors are also contributing from their members’ allocation to a bursary fund for children in care that could amount to around £40,000.

Mr Loughton said: “I do hope that a lot of other local authorities follow the example that you’ve led with here. Clearly there are some really exciting things going on in Surrey.”

He made the comments at a County Hall event to mark the launch of the scheme.

Surrey leader David Hodge said: “I was brought up in an orphanage in Dublin so I’m a looked after child. There were great people there who looked after me and made a huge impression on my life and what public service really does mean.”


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