42 miles of barrier to create the largest Olympic venue of the Games

Olympic contender Mark Cavendish training in Surrey earlier in the summer. Click image to download

Surrey will create the largest Olympic venue of the Games from scratch this summer, featuring 42 miles of roadside barriers – enough to lap the running track of the Olympic stadium 170 times.

The barriers will begin appearing stacked and tethered by the side of the road next week ready to be put up for the 2012 Games road cycling races on 28 and 29 July and the time trials on 1 August.

Staging the Surrey section of the events requires 5,000 cones, 4,000 road signs and 545 road closures. There will also be an army of 6,000 people involved including stewards and volunteers. Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected to flock to Surrey to watch the Olympic events in the county.

Helyn Clack, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Services and the 2012 Games, said: “We’ll be creating the largest venues of the Olympic Games from scratch which is a big job and these statistics hammer home the sheer scale of the task. Preparations have been going on for more than two years to ensure the Games in Surrey are a success.

“Staging sporting events on this scale will inevitably cause disruption. We’re asking residents and businesses to plan ahead and be prepared for road closures, parking restrictions and issues caused by hundreds of thousands of extra people coming to Surrey to watch the races.

“We’ve made all the information people need to help plan ahead available online at gosurrey.info. We’ve also sent newsletters to residents and businesses within 100 metres of the cycle routes. Please use this information to plan ahead and minimise any disruption.”

Extensive road closures and parking restrictions will be in place around the Olympic cycle routes from the early hours of the morning on event days. The aim is to reopen most roads three hours after the last race vehicle passes.

With hundreds of thousands of people expected to line the streets, getting around will be difficult, which is why people are advised to stay close to their local areas and walk. Even after the events finish, the county’s roads and public transport will be very busy for some time as people make their way home.

All the information people need to plan ahead for the Olympic events in Surrey is available at gosurrey.info.


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