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Mobile phones deal saves £800,000

Nearly £800,000 will be slashed from the phone bill after Surrey County Council drove a harder bargain with its mobile supplier.

Tough negotiating has resulted in a two-year deal being awarded to Orange that represents a £795,000 saving on the previous contract.

Cabinet Member for Change and Efficiency Denise Le Gal

The £1 million contract allows minutes, text and internet time to be shared, meaning staff who have reached their limit can have a colleague’s unused allowance.

It comes after the authority revealed that its three-year efficiency programme of public value reviews had uncovered total savings of £280m by 2016.

Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Change and Efficiency Denise Le Gal said: “Just as we all look for value for money and the tariff that suits our needs when we get our own mobiles, the council has ensured it is continuing to get the best possible deal for Surrey taxpayers.

“The contract with Orange means saving nearly £800,000 while making sure that our staff continue to have the right technology to do their jobs effectively.”


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