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Media invite – come and see Surrey’s winter operation in action

With a cold snap forecast to bring ice and snow showers this week, a fleet of gritters, an army of farmers and 4×4 vehicles are ready to keep Surrey moving.

Surrey County Council’s salt stocks swelled to 16,000 tonnes ahead of winter and gritting lorries have already been out treating roads.

Reporters, photographers and film crews are invited to see the county council’s winter operation in action. A video of Surrey’s preparations is below.


Filming and picture opportunities include:

  • Going out with a gritting lorry equipped with the latest technology.
  • Visiting a salt storage depot.
  • Advanced ice prediction systems fed with information from roadside weather stations.
  • Interviews with the key players charged with keeping Surrey moving during the winter.

Key Surrey winter facts:

  • 16,000 tonnes of salt stockpiled.
  • A fleet of 39 gritters ready for action around the clock.
  • An army of 51 farmers primed to treat rural areas.
  • Off-road vehicles to get to hard to reach places.
  • 1,741 grit bins filled.

If you’d like to cover the story, contact Kevin Richardson in Surrey County Council’s press office on 0208 541 7267. Alternatively call Jacob Leverett on 0208 541 9419.


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