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More than 4,000 Jedi Knights live in Surrey


The force is strong in leafy Surrey – with more than 4,000 Jedi Knights ready to repel Darth Vader.

A total of 4,156 people in the county claim to be light sabre-wielding Jedi disciples from the Star Wars movies.

And Guildford has been identified as a stronghold for the knights, with nearly 600 people ready to keep the town safe from the ‘dark side’.

While Luke Skywalker may not agree they are all genuine, Surrey’s intergalactic warriors have made Jedi Knights a popular ‘religion’ in the county.

The celestial figures are among the latest Census details published by the Office for National Statistics, which are now available on Surrey-i – an online vault of facts and figures.

Other interesting Surrey facts:

  • 849 people are pagans
  • 10% of residents don’t have a passport
  • Nearly 25% of people say they are not religious
  • More people are educated to at least degree level (36%) than anywhere in the South East.

A wealth of other data is stored on the free website, which was developed by Surrey County Council for all the public services in the county*.

Households can find the nearest schools and libraries as well as information on local doctors, hospitals, charities and councillors. Businesses can access information such as workforce skills, the county’s economic performance and the success of start-ups.

Peter Martin, Surrey County Council’s deputy leader, said: “Surrey-i really is a treasure trove of information and facts, whether you want to know how many members of the Jedi Order live nearby, you’re looking to start a business in the county or you’re from a charity helping vulnerable people.”

To use the website, visit

* Including the county, borough and district councils, the Surrey County Association of Parish and Town Councils, Surrey Police, NHS Surrey and the voluntary and business sectors.


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