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People urged to join scheme to cut energy bills

With a cold snap gripping the country, people are being urged to sign up to a scheme to help cut the cost of heating and lighting.

Surrey County Council’s ‘switch and save’ initiative aims to drive down the cost of people’s next annual energy bill by as much as £200 by negotiating a group deal at an auction with energy suppliers.

It works by using people’s collective clout to as a bargaining chip, with the lowest bid winning.

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge, who was among the first to register, said: “Our aim is to give power to the people by helping them club together to fight back over soaring energy prices.

“It’s a winner for consumers and Surrey because savings on heating and power puts more money in people’s pockets which will be spent locally, giving the economy a boost too.

Cabinet Member for Change and Efficiency Denise Le Gal said: “Finding the right tariff is often unclear and switching is not always easy but our scheme removes all the hassle and could knock up to £200 off the next annual fuel bill.”

People can register online until 25 February by providing contact details, the name of their supplier and details of their current energy usage and tariff. The website can be found at Alternatively, call 0800 048 8264 to join.

The auction will be held by the end of the month and emails will be sent announcing the energy deal. People will then have until 20 March to decide whether to switch.


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