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Up to 160 people a day register for energy switching scheme

Up to 160 people a day have been registering for a scheme to help people cut the cost of heating and lighting.

More than 4,000 people have now signed up to Surrrey County Council’s switch and save initiative, which uses people’s combined buying power to negotiate cheaper energy bills.

Surrey’s scheme, which has been backed by Energy Secretary Ed Davey, aims to cut the annual cost of gas and electricity by as much as £200.

Denise Le Gal, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Change and Efficiency, said: “It’s fantastic that we’ve gone past the 4,000 mark. 

“With the figure rising by up to 160 a day recently, I’m sure many more people looking for a better deal will decide to join up, especially as our scheme is simple, free and quick and could knock as much as £200 off the next annual energy bill.”

Residents who have yet to sign up can do so until 11pm on Monday, 25 February.

To register, visit and provide your contact details, the name of your supplier and details of your current energy usage and tariff. Alternatively, call 0800 048 8264.

An auction with energy providers will be held on February 26, with the lowest bid winning. Following the auction, people will be told of the deal on 4 March and given time to decide whether to switch.


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