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Surrey’s superfast broadband plans are world-leading – BT chief

Surrey County Council’s superfast broadband plans have been hailed as world-leading.

BT’s Managing Director of Next Generation Access Bill Murphy said the authority was blazing an international trail.

The council aims to ensure virtually 100% access to superfast broadband before the end of next year. The national aim is for 90% of the country to have a high-quality service by 2015.

Mr Murphy said: “I don’t think you’ll find anyone else in the world with those type of numbers.”

His comments came at an event to mark the launch of a website to keep businesses and households up to date with Surrey’s roll-out details. The site can be found at

Surrey’s Deputy Leader Peter Martin said: “To ensure more of our businesses have access to superfast broadband is essential to the continued strength, the continued dynanism and the continued growth of Surrey.”

Last September, the county council selected BT to create a high-speed network. The deal will ensure the county council achieves its aim of providing superfast broadband for up to 20 per cent of businesses and homes – more than 80,000 premises – not included in any commercial roll-out nationally.

Surrey’s Deputy Leader Peter Martin speaking at the broadband event. Click image to download

More details about the roll-out can be found in BT’s press release by following this link.


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