Tackling ice and snow

Gritter in snow DIGI

Surrey County Council’s fleet of 39 gritters are ready for action 24/7.

With snow falling over parts of Surrey, a fleet of gritters have been out spreading salt on roads.

They are supported by a quad bike, an all-terrain vehicle and if the snow is heavy enough, an army of 51 farmers equipped with spreaders and ploughs.

Residents can find out about services affected on the county council’s website. Individual schools make their own decisions to open or close and all closures are confirmed on the website.

The council stockpiled 16,000 tonnes of salt before the winter to treat roads across the county. This is double the amount needed in an average Surrey winter and 60% more than was used to keep the county moving last season. At the start of winter, the county council’s 1,741 grit bins were filled to help people treat roads and pavements in their communities. Teams have been out refilling them since the last bout of snow in January.

Social workers are ready to battle through snow to make sure vulnerable people are safe but residents have been asked to check on neighbours, friends and family as part of the council’s efforts to spread a message of teamwork.

Residents can find further local information on the Surrey Alert website. Traffic updates are available on the BBC’s website and the council is running a twitter feed to provide updates on gritting activity, roadworks, road closures and traffic information.

Surrey County Council’s monster gritter heads into action during snowfall last month.


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