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Surrey apprentice target hit again

An apprenticeship campaign that was so successful it was extended has hit its new target for getting young people on the career ladder.

Surrey County Council aimed higher after the original goal of creating 200 apprenticeships was achieved four months early.

Now the revised target of giving an extra 65 under-19s a leg up in their careers by offering employers a cash incentive has been reached in less than three months.

The initial scheme was launched as part of a drive to stimulate economic growth that has also seen plans put in place to combat the number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

In February, the council announced it was investing £750,000 this financial year in boosting young people’s career prospects through apprenticeships, traineeships and other opportunities.

Garath Symonds, Surrey County Council’s Assistant Director for Young People, said: “Reaching this goal is great news. We were thrilled when our initial target of 200 apprenticeships was reached four months early so we raised the bar.

“That target has now been passed too and I’m sure many more employers will join us this year to get the skilled workforce they require to thrive and provide young people with the leg up they need to find work in these tough times. Together we’re making Surrey stronger.”


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