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Apprentice numbers surge by 20%

Apprenticeships are rocketing across Surrey – with a near 20% surge in a year.

The number of new apprentices aged 16 to 18 shot up by 19.2% to 690 in the last financial year.

And apprenticeships in the 19-24 age group climbed by 16.5% in the same period, with almost 100 extra places filled.

The figures outstrip the rest of the South East, which showed a 2% fall in 16 to 18-year-old apprentices and a 15% increase for those aged 19 to 24.

Surrey County Council has created 265 apprenticeships for teenagers since last July by offering businesses a cash incentive and 100 people have been hired within the authority.

In addition, the council has set a goal of boosting 500 young people’s jobs prospects in the next year through apprenticeships and trainee roles.

Frank Offer, Surrey County Council’s Head of Commissioning and Development, said: “A rise of nearly 20% in apprentices is great news and now the county council will look to build on the momentum we’ve created as part of our efforts to promote economic growth.

“Apprenticeships are good for business and for a successful career so over the coming year our aim is to give 500 more young people the leg up they need to find work at a tough time and provide employers with the skilled workforce they require to thrive.”

The figures were provided by the National Apprenticeship Service.



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