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Surrey superfast broadband roll out starts

It’s full speed ahead in Surrey for superfast internet access with the roll out of high-quality broadband getting under way.

Work has begun to give 15,000 more homes and businesses access to the high speed service by September, with Pixham Village the first community to benefit.

The news comes after Surrey County Council selected BT to create a county-wide superfast network to help firms do business online and ensure all communities get all the benefits of the digital world.

Once completed, the project will make Surrey the best connected county in the UK and could boost the local economy by around £30 million a year*.

It will ensure the county council achieves its aim of providing access to superfast broadband for businesses and homes – more than 90,000 premises – not included in the national commercial roll-out.

Virtually 100% of Surrey will be covered by the end of 2014 compared with the national aim of 90% of the country having superfast broadband by 2015.

Surrey County Council’s Deputy Leader Peter Martin said: “It’s great news that the project is moving from the detailed planning stage to work on the ground and it means we remain on track to be the best connected county in the UK.

“The benefits will be huge, with an estimated boost of around £30 million to the economy annually. Superfast broadband is the tool our businesses need to grow, prosper and innovate in a competitive market place.

“It is also vital for all Surrey communities to have fast, reliable internet access so they don’t get left behind.”

Once superfast broadband is available in Surrey, people will be able to benefit from download speeds of up to 80mbps. Ofcom says the national average is around 9mbps.

Further information about connecting Pixham Village can be found in this BT release.

More details about the areas superfast broadband is being rolled out to can be found in this BT press release.

* Based on World Bank research, which showed that a 1% increase in broadband coverage results in a 0.12% rise in GDP. Surrey’s GVA – equivalent to GDP – is £30bn a year, meaning growth of 0.1% through better broadband coverage would result in a £30m boost to the county’s economy.


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