Council blocks access to payday loan websites

Access to websites offering payday loans has been blocked from Surrey County Council computers.

The sites of 80 firms offering ‘quick fix’ short-term loans at high rates of interest have been barred from all staff screens.

It coincides with Citizens Advice research revealing that more than three-quarters of its clients struggling with payday loans had grounds for official complaint*.

Surrey leader David Hodge said: “These are tough times and although a payday loan might seem like a good solution, it can be the beginning of spiralling debt that can only cause more financial problems and added stress in the long run.

“It makes sense for the council to protect people and discourage them from accessing these websites.

“My advice would be to join a credit union like SurreySave, which promotes a genuine culture of saving while also playing a valuable role in helping people manage their money more effectively, particularly the vulnerable.”


* Citizens Advice launched a month-long campaign this week to encourage payday loan customers to complain about unfair treatment to the financial ombudsman.


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