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Major business survey launched

A major survey asking Surrey firms to give their views on burning issues is being launched.

More than 1,300 Surrey firms will be interviewed to identify barriers that limit economic growth.

Armed with the feedback, Surrey County Council and economic development partnership Surrey Connects will bid to remove the hurdles to greater economic success.

Pivotal issues it is likely to cover include access to finance, skills, advice and infrastructure.

Surrey’s economy grew by 7% between 2009 and 2011 despite the national downturn. It meant the county generated more than £30 billion annually for the UK economy and contributed more income taxation to the Exchequer than anywhere except the City of London.

Surrey County Council Deputy Leader Peter Martin said: “Surrey is a powerhouse of the national economy. Its continued success will accelerate the recovery and this survey aims to identify and help remove obstacles in the way of growth for Surrey businesses.”

Surrey Connects Chief Executive Mark Pearson said: “This survey will provide critical insight into barriers and opportunities for economic growth.”


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