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Engineers set up Surrey’s road recycling machine

A high-tech glue has revolutionised Surrey’s road repairs and is set to save taxpayers millions by recycling old roads and making them new.

Instead of ripping up old roads and laying new ones, Surrey County Council is now mixing a super-flexible glue with recycled tarmac to transform it into a brand new surface.

In a one-mile trial at Brickhouse Lane in Horne, this technique has already saved Surrey County Council taxpayers thousands of pounds; money which can pay for overhauling more roads. It will also slash traffic delays, with the trial in Horne halving an eight-day road closure.

This innovative process will allow the council to:

· Cut its landfill costs by removing the need to dump old road surfaces

· Cut its materials budget by 5,000 tonnes a year

· Treat up to 1,500 square metres of road in a day

John Furey, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “This exciting new initiative will improve roads while saving us up to £2 million a year – money we want to spend on improving more roads. It is a cheaper, faster and longer-lasting way for us to repair roads.”

The Brickhouse Lane repairs were done as part of Operation Horizon, a five-year, £100 million programme to overhaul more than 300 miles of road. The roadside recycling method will be used only on rural lanes or residential streets where specialist repairs are needed.


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