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Council wins award for UK’s best local government website

Surrey’s Socitm award. Click to download

Surrey County Council’s website has been named the best in local government across the UK.

It has won the Best Website Award from the Society of Information Technology Management (Socitm).

Socitm said the site – found at –  was “a joy to use” and also praised Surrey for embracing the growing public demand to access information on mobile devices.

Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Services Helyn Clack said: “It’s fantastic to know that we have the UK’s best local government website. I’m sure that this is as a result of our willingness to embrace innovation to meet the 21st century needs of our residents.

“Having a good website also helps us provide value for money to Surrey taxpayers. Our site handles a huge volume of transactions annually and managing them online saves hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.

“While winning this award is a fantastic achievement, our aim is to make further improvements so residents continue to get the support and advice they need.”

Further information about the award can be found on the Socitm website.


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