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Purchasing power creates 200 apprenticeships

Lucy Clarke with fellow apprentice Josh Cella

A Surrey County Council drive to use its purchasing power to create apprenticeships is set to hit the 200 mark.

Nearly 140 organisations had committed to filling 175 apprenticeships as a condition of securing their contracts by the end of December and another 25 roles are expected to be approved shortly.

Places have been created across a host of sectors, including social care, vehicle maintenance and hospitality.

A separate scheme that involves offering a cash incentive to encourage employers to fill apprenticeships created 600 in one year alone.

The news comes less than 10 months after the procurement team set a target of filling 170 apprenticeships in a year to support the council’s efforts to promote economic growth.

Surrey County Council’s deputy leader Peter Martin: “This is fantastic news and a great boost for young people looking to get on the first rung of the ladder in their chosen career.

“Whether it’s social care, the hospitality industry or any other career, we’re doing all we can to help young people into the world of work because apprenticeships equip them with the skills they require, give businesses the workforce they need to thrive and help the economy grow.”

Lucy Clarke is doing a health and social care apprenticeship with Crossroads Care Surrey through the scheme.

She said: “I am using the skills and practices though my training and work experience to go out into the community and help vulnerable adults and children in a care support worker role. I’m finding this very rewarding and hope to build on these skills in the future.”


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