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Surrey on course to make £330million savings over five years

Surrey County Council is on track to make almost £70million of savings for taxpayers this year – almost £190,000 every day.

Annual figures are set to show that savings of £69million for the 2014/15 financial year will be achieved when it ends next month, propelling the total saved in five years to almost £330million.

That sum would be enough to pay for the council’s Operation Horizon project to completely rebuild more than 300 miles of road more than three times over.

A big chunk of the savings comes from striking better deals with contractors. Working with other councils and organisations more closely, sharing offices with boroughs or districts and finding smarter ways of working on the Operation Horizon project also contributed.

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge said: ‘This is the fifth year we’ve saved at least £60million – taking the total to £330million in that time. That shows our continued commitment to doing more for less at a time when rising demand for elderly care and school places alone will cost us hundreds of millions of pounds more in the coming years.’


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