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Surrey becomes Britain’s best connected county

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey

Surrey has become the best connected county in Britain following the completion of the main part of a high-speed broadband project.

The county council and BT have announced that fibre broadband coverage has been extended to more than 82,000 businesses and homes not included in commercial roll outs.

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey said: “The Government’s nationwide roll out of superfast broadband is already transforming lives across the UK and this is particularly the case in Surrey, Great Britain’s best connected county.

“We’re now focusing on taking coverage even further, ensuring even more of Surrey’s homes and businesses will be enjoying access to superfast speeds.”

Surrey County Council Deputy Leader Peter Martin said: “This roll out has been delivered at an amazing rate of nearly 200 homes and businesses per working day, transforming lives across the county and making Surrey the best connected county in Britain.

“Whilst celebrating this achievement, I recognise that there is still work to do to reach those remaining premises located in the more technically challenging and harder to reach places of the county. This is not, therefore, the end of the story and as a council we would like to do more.

“To understand the full scope of the remaining challenge, we intend to run a further investigation known as an Open Market Review. The results will enable us to identify how to prioritise the use of any remaining funds to address issues of broadband coverage and speed across the county.”

Bill Murphy, managing director next generation access at BT, said: “We have been working hard to get to this tremendous milestone achievement, which has seen the communications landscape completely transformed, on time and on budget, and we are keen to do even more.”

Further information can be found in a press release on BT’s website.


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