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Reception and junior school places

Following the release of information on primary school places for September, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Schools and Learning Linda Kemeny said:

“Although the number of pupils applying for primary places in September rose by more than 400 this year, we’re pleased so many have got into a school they wanted.

“But it’s getting harder and harder to offer parents a place of their choice, with the huge pressure from rising demand meaning we need to find an additional 13,000 primary and secondary places in the next five years.

“Nonetheless, I have no doubt that despite this huge extra strain Surrey schools will continue to provide the excellent education children deserve.”

Primary education in Surrey covers reception and junior levels.

The county council received 412 more applications for primary places than last year – almost the equivalent of filling a brand new two-form school.

Surrey school place figures for September 2015 – reception:

  • 83.1% offered their first choice (82.8% in 2014)
  • 95.6% offered one of their four preferences (96.2% in 2014)
  • All Surrey pupils who wanted a place got one.

Figures for September 2015 – junior:

  • 90% offered first choice (up from 87% last year)
  • 95.5% offered one of their four preferences (up from 94% last year)
  • All Surrey pupils who wanted a place got one.

The table below shows the number of offers made by each school to Surrey parents who named the school as their first, second or third preference. Offers may also have been made to applicants who live outside the county.



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