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County council creating apprenticeships and jobs through contracts

Firms have pledged to create 13 apprenticeships and 10 jobs for people in Surrey as part of contracts to carry out essential work for the county council.

Cabinet Member for Business Services and Resident Experience Denise Le Gal today signed off plans to award separate deals to repair schools’ catering equipment and provide security services for public buildings and schools.

Knight Security has promised to take on five apprentices and create eight new jobs through the contract to keep buildings safe. A further eight apprenticeships and two jobs are set to be spread across the eight businesses awarded repairs contracts.

The news comes after the council revealed in June that it had helped more than 2,000 young people get a leg up on the career ladder in four years.

Mrs Le Gal said: “This means we can continue providing taxpayers with the best possible deal now while also helping to train the next generation of Surrey’s workforce.

“Apprenticeships give young people the leg up in their careers they need and provide businesses with the skilled staff they require to thrive and help the economy grow.”


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