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MAP: Surrey County Council outlines plans to expand 11 schools this year to meet rising demand

Surrey County Council has outlined plans to expand 11 schools from September to meet rising demand for places.

The projects are set to deliver almost 1,700 extra places across seven primary and four secondary schools.

Linda Kemeny, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Educational Achievement, said: “We know that 11,000 extra school places will be needed over the next five years and these 11 planned expansions are an important step towards that goal.

“At a time when our funding from the Government is falling, we face huge financial challenges keeping pace with increasing demand for many of our services including school places, adult social care and support for children with special educational needs and in light of these pressures, we’re focused on highlighting the need for a fair deal on funding.”

Details of the 11 projects are contained in Surrey’s School Organisation Plan which helps the council manage demand for school places over the next decade.

The expansions would create 1,020 extra places at primary level from September and 650 at secondary, giving 1,670 in total. Further moves to provide additional places will be considered if they are required to meet demand.

In addition, places are being created at a new free school in Chertsey. The town will also see the expansion of Salesian School, which has been given the go-ahead by the county council’s Cabinet.

Mrs Kemeny added: “While we have agreed the expansion of Salesian School, our budgets remain under huge strain which is why we’re continuing to press for fairer funding for all our services.”


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