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Pavement Horizon covers the distance from Guildford to Portsmouth

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Enough footpaths have already been given the Pavement Horizon treatment to cover the distance from Guildford to Portsmouth by car.

Laid end to end, all the work completed by the end of last month would stretch 43 miles – roughly the equivalent of driving from Camberley in west Surrey to Lingfield in the south east of the county.

Cabinet Member for Highways John Furey launched the scheme last May at Brokes Crescent, Reigate, with the aim of improving access to schools, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and town centres.

Since then, footpaths from Weybridge to Kingswood and Guildford have been overhauled and work on another mile of pavements in Ashford, Cobham and Merstham is close to being completed.

More than 200 miles of pavements are set to be covered under the programme, which will last up to six years, with nearly 42 miles lined up for improvements next year.

Mr Furey said: “While our finances remain under severe strain from rising demand for services, we’re also committed to doing everything we possibly can to improve the things that matter to the day to day lives of Surrey residents.

“This project is very much part of that so it’s great that our efforts to help people get to a doctor’s appointment, the shops or school – whether that’s in Camberley, Lingfield or Weybridge – are really making a difference.”


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