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Surrey residents can continue using East Grinstead Household Waste Recycling Site

Surrey residents will continue to be able to use the East Grinstead Household Waste Recycling Site, following an agreement between Surrey and West Sussex County Councils.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) had decided that only West Sussex residents would be able to use its recycling sites from 1 December 2019. However, the councils have reached an agreement that Surrey residents in certain postcodes, who find it easier to use the East Grinstead Household Waste Recycling Site, will still be able to do so.

The eligible postcode areas are RH7 6, RH10 3, RH19 2, RH19 3, TN8 7, TN8 5 and TN8 6. Residents will need to show identification, such as a driving licence or recent council tax bill, to confirm they live in one of the agreed postcodes. Under the terms of this agreement, residents will need to be driving a car to access the East Grinstead Household Waste Recycling Site. Those residents using a van, pickup or trailer will need to go to an appropriate Surrey County Council site.

This agreement between Surrey County Council and West Sussex County Council will allow residents to continue to recycle as much as possible in a location which is convenient to them.

Last month, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet decided to keep all 15 of the county’s community recycling centres open and to not charge for wood waste. For full details of Surrey’s CRC service, visit


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