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Cabinet member calls for fairer funding for Surrey’s roads

A new analysis, produced by County Councils Network (CCN), shows that councils in London are able to invest over three times the amount in roads compared to shire county authorities in rural areas.

CCN says that motorists in their areas are ‘poor relations’ to those in the major cities, because of lower funding for shire counties and regional investment being disproportionately skewed towards urban areas.

Matt Furniss, Cabinet Member for Highways said: “We back the CCN in lobbying for a fairer funding share to deal with potholes and roads funding. Surrey has 3,000 miles of road and the third busiest network outside London, 60% busier than the South East average. The funding share we get from government doesn’t reflect the wear and tear on our roads and we will continue to make that case for investment in Surrey to colleagues in Government. We are determined to keep the County moving smoothly, and just last week published budget proposals that would see an extra £92m invested in our highways over the next five years.”

CCN’s figures show that the 36 shire counties in the analysis were able to spend £20,885 per mile on road repairs, pothole filling, and constructing new junctions and networks last year. In contrast, the 31 councils in London are able to spend £62,350 per mile. The 36 urban metropolitan councils spent £41,929 per mile, while England’s eight ‘core cities’ are in a position to invest £57,241 per mile.

Regionally, the analysis also shows that councils in London plan to spend double the amount of almost every single region in England.  Per mile expenditure is lowest in the East Midlands (£21,276), followed by the North East (£22,403) and the South West (£23,550).

For more information, access the original press release from CCN here.


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