Surrey County Council launches new helpline to coordinate Coronavirus efforts

Surrey County Council has set up a Community Helpline number (0300 200 1008).

The purpose of the community phone line is to help direct residents who need support, such as picking up shopping, prescription collections or having someone who can be a telephone friend, to services who can help.

It also aims to provide advice to residents on where they can register an offer of help to support their community.

It is launched alongside Surrey’s public information campaign around five key things for people to do during the Coronavirus outbreak:

  • Keeping up to date and following the official advice at
  • Sharing only official information and guidance from trusted sources – not spreading rumour or panic
  • Staying sensible – washing hands regularly, keeping physical distance from each other
  • Thinking about what help you need or how you can help
  • And making sure we’re keeping in touch with each other – phone, text, facetime, just checking in – and keeping our minds healthy

Detailed advice and important links are all available at

Leader of Surrey County Council, Tim Oliver said: “At this time of great uncertainty we are here, as a public service, to help guide people through. Please visit the website for up to date information.

“We are mobilising all available staff in the best way with the key priority of looking after our most vulnerable residents – those who are dependent on our help as a County Council.

“I know there are a lot of community groups and many individual residents wanting to help, and mobilising that support in the most effective way is critical. We also have to be careful that anything we do collectively does not spread this virus.

“We have teams working flat out alongside our boroughs and districts and our voluntary and community groups to coordinate a huge community effort – there are small things like people helping elderly or self-isolating neighbours that we often see in Britain in these moments, there are financial offers or support and also experienced voluntary organisations mapping out where help is needed most.

“One positive we can take is that this situation is uniting us, not only as a country but globally. We are all in this together, and we will get through this together.

“This is such a fast-moving situation and coordinating all this work is complex but the goodwill and resource is there and we will work to make sure it is put to the most effective use.”

From this afternoon residents are advised to visit the website or to  call the helpline 0300 200 1008 if you know of anyone who needs support or if you want to volunteer your help.

The helpline will not be able to provide any public health advice, with residents advised to continue to seek up to date guidance from and use existing services such as 111 online.  The helpline will also be unable to answer general enquiries relating to council services, with the advice for this remaining that residents use the standard contact page.

For the full information on the Community Helpline, and general community support please visit For more information on the coronavirus, please visit coronavirus


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