Unpaid carer writes heart-warming poem to thank council key worker

An unpaid carer in Surrey has recognised the support and advice offered by a county council key worker, in a heart-warming poem.

The creative carer wrote to a Carers Practice Advisor to pay tribute to all key workers during the pandemic and highlighted the positive work and support she had received, and difference it had made to her and her family.

The recognition coincided with Carers Week, which is about celebrating unpaid carers and recognising the vital role they play in supporting families and communities across Surrey – something that’s more important than ever in these difficult times.

For more information about the support available for unpaid carers in Surrey visit

A View

Sometimes when lockdown was so difficult and we couldn’t see the trees
The vast forest of emotions took hold of us you see
Then a kind word from someone to help us guide our path
We thank all the workers who keep us well with Mental Health
Times were quite hard and although we always stayed positive
You gave us peace of mind you always know how to give.

I know it couldn’t be easy for every Key worker at this time
When we were lost and quite confused you gave us a sane mind
A smile a laugh a joke or two to make light of a situation
The lockdown taught us all to use our imagination
I learnt so much patience I never knew I had
After all now things are brighter I know this much I’m glad.

To all who helped to all who put others first through trials and tribulations
We take a bow and please know now you all are our salvation
Like a river trickling down stream so calmly and so quiet
You all took our hands took the reigns of our plane as our pilot
Many were in turmoil and many just needed a hand to hold
Things are looking better and although we muddled through
We couldn’t have done it without the person that is you.


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