Surrey asks, “what would make the county a better place for the 1 in 100 people living with autism?”

The first generation of people diagnosed with autism in childhood are now approaching retirement. That’s why for the first time, Surrey County Council and partners are looking at how they can best support autistic people of all ages living in Surrey. A survey launched today asks “what would make Surrey a better place for autistic people to live?” and the answers will help form a strategy to help make Surrey the best place possible for autistic people to thrive.

The survey will be open to everyone, because supporting the 1 in 100 autistic people living in the community is something that everyone can play a part in. We want autistic people and their families to tell us what would make their lives easier, but we’re also asking teachers, employers, health and social care workers, what would help them be more autism friendly.

Sara Truman, Chair of the National Autistic Society in Surrey said:

I hope everyone in the autism community will take part in this consultation. It is a rare opportunity for autistic people, parents and carers to give their views, knowing that what they say will influence changes to Surrey’s services for children and adults with autism.”

Julie Iles, Councillor for Lifelong learning and Culture in Surrey said:

Surrey County Council, and our partners in health, know that autism touches the lives of many children and adults in Surrey. We are committed to develop a county-wide strategy which covers all ages. We want to be clear about our ambitions and commitments to children and adults with autism as well as their families and carers. To shape the autism strategy, we want to hear from as many people as possible, especially those who have autism or those living with people who have autism.

“Today we are launching our online consultation, I would encourage people to take the time to complete it because that input matters to us.”

To ensure people’s views have been properly understood and that the strategy will support autistic people and their families in the best possible way, the draft will be published and open to further comments and feedback from the public.

Visit to view the survey and take part.


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