Surrey CC trials booking system at Epsom CRC

Epsom community recycling centre has been chosen to trial a new booking system for the community recycling centre from 5 November.

Since the site reopened after lockdown, reduced capacity as a result of social distancing measures has resulted in significant queues. At most other CRCs within Surrey, these queues lessened after an initial period, but Epsom CRC is still busy and this is causing disruption to residents and nearby businesses on the Blenheim Road industrial estate.

The booking system aims to reduce queues by controlling the flow of traffic and visitors to the site. The trial is expected to last until Christmas and a survey will be conducted to ask residents how they found the process.

Natalie Bramhall, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate Change, said, “We know booking systems at community recycling centres have been successfully introduced by other councils. We have listened to feedback from residents and local businesses and are testing a new way to reduce queuing and make access to our essential services easier for residents.”

The system is available online but residents without internet access can call the customer centre and have a time slot booked on their behalf.

Slots are available to book from today (22 October) for 5 November onwards and residents will need a slot for any visits to the CRC from Thursday 5 November. From now until 5 November, residents will still be able to turn up without a pre-booked time slot.

Each slot is 15 minutes long and residents can arrive at any time within that period. Slots will be available to book up to 14 days in advance and there is no limit to the number of slots you can book, but we ask residents to be considerate to other users. All other rules of the community recycling centre will stay, including the need to bring proof of residency and the need for a valid van permit.

More information and a link to the system can be found at


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