Summary of Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Meeting (29th June 21)

Surrey County Council’s Cabinet met this week and made a number of important announcements regarding the council’s future plans. These are summarised below:


Cabinet outlined the council’s main strategy as Surrey comes out of the COVID pandemic, and emphasised the four key strategic objectives: 

  • Growing a sustainable economy 
  • Tackling health inequality 
  • Enabling a greener future 
  • Empowering communities 

Mental Health 

Cabinet discussed a review into mental health provision and agreed steps to improve mental health services across Surrey, particularly for young people. 

More information is available here.

Children’s Improvement 

Cabinet noted the latest Ofsted focussed visit report showing ‘significant improvement’ in Children’s services and that “senior leaders have responded swiftly to the challenges of COVID-19”.

More information available here.

Cabinet also discussed neglect, and the development of an assessment tool to be used by social care and multi-agency practitioners to better identify and respond when there are concerns about the quality of a child’s care in the family home. If anybody is concerned about the safety of a child or young person, they should contact the Surrey Children’s Single Point of Access (SPA). 

Independent Living 

Cabinet Member for Economic Development & Property Natalie Bramhall outlined the next steps in a programme to enable people with learning disabilities or autism to live more independently.

Supported independent living schemes enable people to exercise more choice and control over their daily lives and become more involved in their local communities. It’s another way the council is modernising care & support and reducing reliance on traditional residential care.

The full report is available here.

Greener Future 

Cabinet discussed the council’s Climate Change Delivery Plan. The plan is vital for the future of the county, setting out exactly how we all need to act to contribute to our ambition of Net-Zero carbon emissions for the County Council by 2030, and for the whole County by 2050.  

The council will be asking residents to get involved and put forward their ideas to help make Surrey a greener county, fit for future generations. 

Full report available here.

Further information about Greener Future is available here.

Transport Plan

Cabinet also looked at the council’s Transport Strategy for the whole of Surrey, which focuses on promoting new, cleaner ways to get around, and the role the council has in making that easier for everyone.

Residents will be able to have a say on these proposals from 5 July. 

Full report available here.  


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