Investment in average speed cameras to tackle resident concerns

Surrey County Council will be investing in more speed cameras for locations where excess speeds, congestion or poor air quality are a community concern.

Road casualty hotspots remain the council’s top priority when deciding camera locations and they have proven to be very effective in helping to reduce the number of casualties by encouraging greater compliance with the speed limit and deterring red light jumping. At the five current permanent SCC locations, these have seen a reduction in casualties of 63%. Also:

  • Spot speed cameras at 16 sites – 36% reduction in casualties.
  • Red light cameras at 8 sites – 55% reduction in casualties.
  • Combined speed and red-light cameras at 5 sites – 38% reduction in casualties.

Matt Furniss, Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure said, “By expanding the use of average speed cameras to other areas as well as continuing to prioritise locations where we know the risk of collisions is higher, we hope to further reduce collisions in Surrey and keep people safe on our roads.  

We’re listening to our residents who know their areas well and are concerned about safety due to speeding, noise or congestion.”

Funding for new cameras will continue to be prioritised at the worst collision hotspots, and local budgets for highway improvements could be allocated for new cameras where local residents are concerned about speeding, and where traffic calming is not viable. The Surrey Road Safety Partnership Board comprising the Police and Crime Commissioner and representatives from Surrey County Council and Surrey Police will oversee the investment in new safety camera sites.

Cameras will continue to be positioned to be visible and well signed.



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