How safe is your little scarers costume this Halloween?

It took under a minute for a monsters Halloween t-shirt to be engulfed in flames during a fire safety screen test by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) and Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards.

The screen test included a variety of garments and accessories such as witch hats, capes, skeleton tights and pumpkin tops. Three of the garments tested caught alight within a few seconds and will be submitted for further testing and investigation.

Ian Smith, Trading Standards Supervisor shares four simple tips to be safe this Halloween: “Always look at the label, it must have a UKCA or CE. Remember to check wigs, masks and if you’re going to make a costume, check the material you’re using. Get children to wear clothes under their costume for added protection should the worst happen.”

“Another great tip, which people don’t think about as much, remember to use face paints rather than a mask. You can buy from a reputable retailer, however, do an allergy test first to make sure there is no reaction against the skin.”

Matt Harper, SFRS’s Fire Investigation Station Commander recommends a new way of lighting our pumpkins this year: “One of the safest things that you can do this Halloween is to swap out your tealights for torches or glow sticks. This can greatly help to reduce the risk of costumes catching fire. Halloween should be spooky, but not dangerous!”

You can report any consumer issues to the Citizens Advice Bureau who will then pass on the information to the right Trading Standards service who will be able to advice you on your problem.

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