Share your views on Surrey’s new Minerals and Waste Plan 

Surrey’s Minerals and Waste Plan outlines how we plan to ensure that there are enough minerals for construction in Surrey and enough facilities to manage our waste.

Residents are being asked to share their views on the new 15-year draft plan which sets out issues and options, by completing the consultation survey which launches today.

Proposals include:

  • More waste management sites or maximising the ones we have
  • Managing waste that cannot be recycled
  • Considering sites where waste is stored temporarily before recycling, treatment or disposal
  • Whether we have enough facilities to deal with sewage 
  • Increasing our recycling facilities
  • Providing adequate composting facilities
  • How best to source minerals to support industry need
  • Providing sand and gravel for our roads, schools, hospitals, and houses.
  • How we deal with food waste from homes and restaurants
  • Providing minerals including silca sand, clay, chalk and building stone
  • Making sure we are helping tackle climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Making sure we protect the countryside and public amenities.

Matt Furniss, Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure said, “Our Minerals and Waste Plan will ultimately guide the council’s decisions about future planning applications relating to minerals and waste management.

“It will ensure we have the minerals we need to build important infrastructure such as new roads and schools and determine how we will deal with the waste we produce. It will also provide for development that mitigates against and helps Surrey adapt to climate change, and combats biodiversity loss.

“Please do get involved and share your thoughts on these important areas.”

Consultation is open until March 2022. This video explains more.


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