Fly into the future of Farnham this summer

Virtual reality technology will enable people in Farnham to explore the potential future of the town centre by jet pack this Summer. The FREE immersive experience will be in various locations around Farnham from 16 August. This follows public exhibitions held in July by the Farnham Infrastructure Programme as part of the on-going consultation which proposes changes to Farnham town centre.

There will be four virtual reality sessions available. You can book a time in advance or turn up on the day.

  • Tuesday 16 August, 10am to 5pm – 18 Lion and Lamb Yard
  • Saturday 20 August, 10am to 5pm – 18 Lion and Lamb Yard
  • Sunday 21 August, 3pm to 5pm – Music in the Meadow, Gostrey Meadow
  • Tuesday 23 August, 10am to 5pm – Farnham Leisure Centre

Book your virtual reality experience online now by visiting: JET PACK INTO THE FUTURE OF FARNHAM | Eventbrite  

The immersive experience will see participants using the latest in virtual reality headset technology to fly around the town centre by jet pack. It will give an opportunity to explore and feedback on how Farnham could be transformed if current proposals are agreed.

The proposed future town centre will come alive as jet-packers feel the vibrations, hear the sounds, look around the 360-degree views and fly through hoops to see the different options being proposed. Those not keen to fly can keep their feet firmly on the ground and use a joystick to travel around instead.

The innovative experience aims to give everyone a chance to try virtual reality for free and discover what futuristic travel in Farnham could look like, but it also has a serious mission. The aim is to encourage more people of all ages to have the chance to input into and shape the future of the place where they live, work and play.

This is the first time Surrey County Council will be using virtual reality as an innovative way to engage with local people. The council has worked in collaboration with Digital Urban.Place and the project has been funded by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Matt Furniss, Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Transport, Infrastructure and Economy, said, “It’s vital we get feedback from people across Farnham for this important consultation. By trialing innovative and fun technologies, we’re hoping to understand how we can better engage Surrey residents about future changes to their neighbourhoods and towns.”

The Farnham Infrastructure Programme, which is made up of Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council, Farnham Town Council and Jeremy Hunt MP, has been looking for ways to improve the town, including making it more attractive for shoppers, reducing congestion and improving air quality.

They are currently running a consultation looking at two options, one that focuses on Castle Street and Downing Street, and one that looks at changing the traffic flow and improvements to The Borough, Castle Street and Downing Street. Both proposals involve widening pavements to create an improved area for shoppers and diners, as well as adding trees and additional planting, and improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. 

More information about the consultation can be found by visiting:

Printed documents and questionnaires are available from Farnham Town Council, either from the Town Hall in South Street or by calling 01252 712667.


– Digital Urban.Place are a team of leading experts focused on creating engaging digital consultations that help people physically participate in, explore and visualise proposed new developments.

– They use 3D and visual reality experiences to help people have fun whilst finding out more about proposed developments so that they can offer informed views and help shape better places.

– Research shows that these new technologies are accessible across all demographics but can also be useful at targeting a younger demographic, including families, who are often harder to engage through traditional consultations

– For more information about the team, current projects and impact please visit


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