Family Resilience and Children’s Centres

Family Resilience and Children’s Centres: Consultation

Key points –

· Surrey currently has 58 children’s centres – the proposal is for 19 main centres to continue and another eight to become satellite centres. Thirty-one current centres would close – the council would seek to find alternative uses for the buildings.

· However, in total, there would be 21 main centres and nine satellites, because two new main centres would be opened, one in Horley and one in Dorking, at a site where some family services are already delivered. In addition, another satellite would be established, in Addlestone.

· At least one main centre in each district and borough, located in the areas where needed most.

· Centres would work with children right up to age 11 rather than five as now.

· Aim to help families become more resilient through earlier support before problems emerge.

· Focus resources on families who most need our help.

Leader of Surrey County Council David Hodge said: “With children’s centres, our aim is to focus our resources on families who need our support most so they get help early on and we can try and prevent them needing social care services in the future. We want to create a network of hubs around the county which support children right up until they’re 11 rather than five as now and targeting areas with most need. We are consulting on proposals to close some centres but the service is not just about buildings – outreach workers will visit families in their homes and partners would work with us to provide the right help at the right time.”

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