Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities: Consultation


Key points –

· Draft strategy for transforming services for children needing support to help them reach potential and lead independent lives.

· Five proposed principles – 1. That needs are identified earlier, 2. That support is provided at the earliest opportunity, 3. That children can lead fulfilling lives in their own communities, 4. That children’s voices are heard, 5. That children can go to school locally.

· Proposals may avoid more costly services being needed in future.

· Finances need to be sustainable in the long run because rising demand is not matched by government funding.

Mr Hodge said: “Our proposals for special educational needs and disabilities services include giving support as early as possible which would be better for those who need help. We also want to provide support nearer to home and reduce the need for children to go to schools out of the county. That’s why we plan to create an extra 350 specialist school places in Surrey over the next two years. Overall the changes will mean better outcomes for children and families and at a time when government funding is failing to keep pace with the big increase in children needing help our proposals would also be more cost effective.

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