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Area the size of 25 Wembley football pitches repaired after winter road damage

Surrey County Council has repaired enough road to cover 25 Wembley football pitches after a successful call for extra government funding.

The council has fixed 180,000 squares metres of highway after being awarded £4.17 million in March to fix roads damaged by snow and ice last winter.

Damage has been tackled on 59 stretches of road, with the additional money being used to lay new surfaces and repair parts of road.

In many cases, the council has sealed – or surface dressed – the highway to give added protection. The work has taken place across Surrey.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond revealed in February that £100 million would be made available nationally to repair roads. This was followed by Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget announcement in March that the Government had set aside a further £100 million – taking the total to £200 million. Surrey’s share was £4.17m.

It comes as the council is working its way round Surrey to fill its 1,743 grit bins as part of a range of measures to prepare for ice and snow this winter. These include gritting around 110 extra miles of road regularly in severe weather and increasing the amount of salt ordered to 17,000 tonnes from last winter’s 13,000, which was 50% more than the previous year.

Ian Lake, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, said: “It’s good the Government sees the importance of taking action to tackle the problem of road repairs. Severe weather during the past two winters caused a lot of damage but we have been working tirelessly to make repairs and carry out improvements.

“We’ve been planning for months to keep Surrey moving this winter in the event of severe weather. This includes gritting around 110 more miles of road regularly, making sure there’s plenty of grit available for all Surrey’s other councils to use in town centres and enlisting farmers to clear snow-covered roads.”


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A twitter feed has been launched in partnership with BBC Surrey to provide residents with updates on gritting activity, roadworks, road closures and traffic information. It can be found @surreytravel.

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