Help for hard-up mums skipping meals to feed kids

Penny Bramsden, founder of parenting website Surrey Mummy. Download this photo here.

Cash-strapped mums who are skipping meals to feed their children have been urged to take on the Love Food Surrey challenge to save up to £50 on their monthly shop.

Shocking research has revealed one in five mothers in austerity Britain are missing meals because money is tight*.

Surrey County Council’s Love Food Surrey campaign is helping hard-up families by showing them how to cut food waste and slash shopping bills by up to £50 a month – the equivalent of one in five shopping bags.

Mum of three girls Penny Bramsden, founder of parenting website Surrey Mummy, put the campaign’s advice to the test and was delighted to save £45 in a month

She said: “It’s saddening to think that mums are skipping meals to feed their kids in this day and age, but by following Love Food Surrey campaign advice they can make things a little easier.

“I thought the claim that you could save £50 a month sounded ambitious at first but once I started making a diary of what I threw away I realised that we could easily save just over £10 a week.

“I did this by being a bit more careful, like planning our shopping better and using leftovers to make more meals. I was also cooking too much. Not measuring correct portions meant I was throwing out a potato or a good handful of pasta a day.”

Ian Lake, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member in charge of the Love Food Surrey campaign, said: “Research has shown that the average family throws away one in five shopping bags which is a waste of food and money.

“Saving a few pence here and there soon adds up to pounds which can make a big difference, especially at a time when budgets are stretched for many of us. I’d urge people to give Love Food Surrey’s hints and tips a try and see how much money they can save on their food bills.”

National figures show** people in the UK spend £12 billion a year throwing away perfectly good food and in Surrey alone it costs the county council about £7.6 million annually to treat and dispose of food waste.

Vegetables, salad, fruit and drink are some of Britain’s most wasted foods with 83,000 tonnes of bananas alone needlessly binned each year, according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).


Media wanting more information can contact Surrey County Council senior media relations officer James Oxley on 0208 541 7259 or at james.oxley@surreycc.gov.uk.

Notes to editors

* From a survey by parenting website Netmums.

** National figures from Household Food and Drink Waste in the UK research carried out by WRAP.

For more information on the Love Food Surrey Campaign, including hints and tips on how to waste less food, visit www.lovefoodsurrey.com

For more information on Surrey Mummy visit www.surreymummy.com


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