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Surrey’s pledge to young people leaving care

The care leavers’ charter is signed by Cabinet Member for Children and Families Mary Angell. With her are (back row, from left) head of children’s services Caroline Budden and Daniel Lee-Grabowski (former care leaver and current apprentice) and (front row, from left) care leavers Simon Lowe and Kitty McGladdery. Click image to download.

Surrey County Council has signed a pledge spelling out its commitment to young people leaving care.

The charter details promises the council has made to help them realise their full potential. It includes making sure they are listened to, treated with respect and are involved in making decisions.

One way the council is helping care leavers is through offering apprenticeship places. Four care leavers are currently in apprentice roles and two more have gone on to permanent posts at the authority.

Mary Angell, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “This charter underlines our commitment to standing by young people in our care and those leaving it as they adjust to living independently.

“As well as helping care leavers get the skills they need through apprenticeships, we’re also running a savings scheme that sees us double the cash young people pay into a savings account as part of our efforts to champion their cause.”


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