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Surrey workers among UK’s most productive

Surrey workers are among the most productive in the UK for boosting the economy, figures have revealed.

Statistics show they contributed more to the national economy per hour worked than all but two areas outside central London.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show Surrey’s productivity rate for 2012 was 18.3 per cent above the country’s average. Productivity is seen as a key indicator of economic growth.

Surrey County Council Deputy Leader Peter Martin said: “These figures demonstrate that Surrey packs one of the country’s biggest economic punches thanks to the dedication of our hard-working residents.

“The county council is committed to taking an active role in supporting the county’s economy, helping it to grow and generate more jobs.

“That means working with businesses to promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and giving people the skills they need to succeed.”

County council growth-boosting initiatives include:

* Filling almost 540 apprenticeships within a year

* Launching a £100 million programme to overhaul more than 300 miles of roads to help businesses run more efficiently

* Giving virtually everyone high-speed broadband access by the end of this year

* Pledging to ensure 60% of its spending on goods and services is with local firms.

The ONS compared each council region to the UK average based on its nominal gross value added (GVA), or value of goods and services produced in an area, per hours worked. The figures are on the ONS website. Click on the reference tables heading and then the first spreadsheet.


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